Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Karlheinz - "And This is How I Live My Life" DVD documents four live performances from New England's one man Power Electronics wrecking machine.


Karlheinz - And This is How I Live My Life - DVD Trailer from Noisevision on Vimeo.

Brief description:
From the creeped out vocal effects and near serene synths of Karlheinz's opening "Untitled" to the desperation and verbal assault that follow in "Creep", there is no doubt that Karlheinz can both shatter the confines of Power Electronics and in the same breath excel within the genre. His performance at the Smash Palace festival in December of 2008 is a monument to both a composed and chaotic performer. What follows with the performances of "Abyss", "The Mouth Rebels", and "Packing" live at O'brein's Pub nearly a year later is nothing short of proof as to why Karlheinz is at the forefront of the Northeast Power Electronics movement. Whether it is a sold out room or a handful of onlookers there is no letting down the guard. "And This is How I Live My Life" is a representation of that attitude. A testament to a lifestyle. A reunited performance with long time collaborator Max Lord (percussion) throws Karlheinz into the realm of improvisational tit for tat. The combination of Lord and Karlheinz runs a decade deep and their knowledge of each others motives and timing is evident. The second collaborative performance and the closing performance on the disc is with yet another long time collaborator, Donna Parker. The "Molech" performance or "White Noise Xmas 2001" presents another side of Karlehinz as performer. A true visual experience with Karlheinz and Donna Parker playing the background while giving sacrifice to the god Molech. Four diverse performances from one of the most truthful, powerful, and underappreciated artists within noise and power electronics.

DVD- R / NTSC / 60 min. / 4 Panel full color Digipak

$10.00 US

$13.00 World

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